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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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ActionFit Skill Trainer

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ActionFit Skill Trainer

The Skill Trainer develops Fine Motor Skills, Coordination, Flexibility and Balance. Offering multiple challenges including the Finger Walk and also the unique Ring Trace. Users will grasp a colored ring and slide it from one side of the bar to the other trying not to allow the ring to touch the inside bar. The Ring Trace is offered at three different heights: seated on the Comfort Seat, standing, or from a wheelchair. Designed for ages 13 and up.


  • Users can fine tune their motor skills on the Finger Walk or build flexibility and balance on the Ring Trace
  • 3 different height offerings: Standing, Seated, or from a wheelchair
  • The Comfort Seat features an 18″ wide saddle, built in hand grips, and extra padding for comfort and support
  • Steel Construction with rust resistant coating
  • ADA Accessible

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