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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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Boot Camp Fitness Course

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The Boot Camp Fitness Course is our most extensive fitness area, complete with a dozen of our most exciting and beneficial fitness structures. Here you will find machine specifically designed to target any desired muscle groups. This means that visitors will be able to target any areas that they want to improve on, or get a full workout that strengthens and tones the whole body. Ranging from simple stretching bars to complex pieces of gym equipment, this versatile collection of equipment will cover any type of workout. Nearly all of the included pieces are double or triple stations, which means that multiple people can comfortably use them at the same time. Since this allows a tremendous number of participants to use the course at once, the Boot Camp course is superb for especially crowded areas. People will be able to work out however they want, along with their friends or trainers, and not have to worry that they won't get a chance to use whatever equipment they need. Many of them, particularly the more complicated pieces of equipment, also come with detailed instructions which explain the proper way to use them. And since they can be arranged and installed in any pattern or arrangement, you can design your fitness course according to your own specifications.


  • Age Range: 13 Years +
  • Muscle Group: Full Body
  • Product Type: Fitness Course
  • Minimum Ground Space Requirement: 40' x 34'


  • Royal Triple Station Lat Pull Down
  • Royal Triple Station Sit Up Bench
  • Royal Triple Station Chest Press
  • Royal Triple Station Leg Press
  • Royal Double Station Fit Rider
  • Triple Station Inclined Chin-Up Bars
  • Double Station Stretching Post
  • Single Station Parallel Bars
  • Double Station Sky Walker
  • Double Station Dip Bars
  • Royal Double Station Rower
  • Royal Double Station Country Skier

Available Model Number

  • PFT106-Boot Camp Fitness Course
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