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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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Central Landings
Palm Coast, FL

Central Landings Senior Living is Located in Palm Coast, FL

Coastal, vibrant and innovative, Central Landings was designed uniquely for convenient and accessible senior living. With its recent installment of a workout path, courtesy of ET&T Distributors, heart healthy cardio & outdoor fitness stations can be enjoyed along the picturesque walking trails that meander through the Central Landings community and the Town Center. 

The UltraPlay Sit Up Station targets the core by focusing on the abdominal and back muscle.

Ultraplay’s Overhead Ladder provides an upper body and core workout.

For a combination of lower and upper body strength building, Ultraplay’s Parallel Bars can offer numerous targeted muscle building benefits.

The Step-Up Station by UltraPlay is perhaps one of the most popular aerobic activities and is an engaging warm-up for the Central Landings workout path. 

The UltraPlay Horizontal Chin-Up Station focuses on upper, back and arm strength, and is low enough to the ground to be used for exercise enthusiasts of all levels.

Several 6’ Roll Formed Diamond Benches with Backs were installed throughout the course and are complemented with 32 Gallon Receptacles to match. 

Engineered Wood Fiber was installed as a safety surface media and surrounds every fitness station.

If cycling around the lake or jogging with the dog is more your routine, Wave Bike Racks and Complete Pet Stations can be found throughout the property. 

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