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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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Parks at Hunter's Creek
Orlando, FL

The Parks at Hunter’s Creek is located in Orlando, FL and is a Greystar Management property.

The Parks at Hunter’s Creek has a small dog park with a whole lot to offer.

Featuring the Best in Show Course by Bark Park, canines and companions of this establishment can enjoy a number of fun agility items.

The Rover Jump Over is an adjustable jump bar challenge that allows for quick and easy height changes as the dog’s confidence and precision increases. Heights can be adjusted simply by moving the bar into the higher notches of the frame.

The Hoop Jump offers three different height levels and is a progressive jump trainer for dogs of all abilities.

Perhaps the most popular item of this kit is the Doggie Crawl. The Doggie Crawl is a classic crawl tunnel that features many spyholes for increased interior brightness and superior supervision. Squirrels won’t even see that dog coming!

The Paws Table provides a place for dogs to take a rest break while running the course and practice their sit and stay commands.

For the human companions, the laser cut dog themed Sit and Stay Bench offers residents a comfortable place to catch up and watch their buddies.

A Tidy Up Trash Receptacle and Pet Waste Station also encourage guests to keep the dog park clean.

ET&T Distributors also included the installation of the dog park’s chain-link fence with a holding pen included.

Call us today for your FREE estimate with installation! Our dog parks are canine approved!


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