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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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Windward Mayan 30, 36,42, & 47 Punched Metal Round Dining table

Leasing Options Available

The Mayan Punched Metal Dining tables are one of our most popular styles. These dining tables are available in 30 in., 36 in., 42 in., and 47 in. Round. They also have square and oval dining tables available to meet all your table need.

The Mayan Collection is an all metal dining table and are available with or without an umbrella hole 


  • Frame is made from an extruded powder coated aluminum that is resistant to chipping, rusting, and peeling.
  • aluminum frame is braced with welded supports for added structure and durability
  • Care and Cleaning: Our furniture requires only mild soap and water cleaning as needed
  • Customize your table frames to match your pool and patio furniture frames by mixing and matching with our many styles and color
  • Collection Includes: 3018MYN Mayan 30 in. Round Dining Table, 4618MYN Mayan 36 in. Round Dining Table, 4218MYN Mayan 42 in. Round Dining Table, 4718MYN Mayan 47 in. Round Dining Table, 4218DF Mayan 42 in. Square Dining Table, 3618MYN 36 in. Square Dining Table, 3654-18MYN Mayan 36 in. x 54 in. Oval Dining Table, 4276-18MYN Mayan 42 in. x 76 in. Oval Dining Table, 3618CDMYN Mayan 36 in. Round Conversation Table, 4218CDMYN Mayan 42 in. Round Conversation, 4718CDMYN Mayan 47 in. Round Conversation Table, 2436-18MYN Mayan Coffee Table,1 818MYN Mayan 18 in. Tea Table, 2418MYN Mayan 24 in. Side Table, 1834-18MYN Mayan Cocktail Table, 3618-36MYN Mayan 36 in. Round Balcony Dining Table, 4218-36MYN Mayan 42 in. Round Balcony Dining Table, 4718-36F Mayan 47 in. Round Balcony Dining Table, 3018BMYN Mayan 30 in. Round Bar Dining Table, 3618BMYN Mayan 36 in. Round Bar Dining Table, 4218BMYN Mayan 42 in. Round Bar Dining Table, 4718BMYN Mayan 47 in. Round Bar Dining Table, 3654-18BMYN Mayan 36 in. x 54 in. Oval Bar Dining Table 

Available Model Numbers:

WT3018MYN- 30” Round

KD3618MYN-36” Round

KD4218MYN- 42” Round

KD4718MYN - 47” Round

Product Images: