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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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Monaco Premium Centerpost Umbrella

Leasing Options Available

New from Frankford is the Monaco Premium Centerpost Umbrella! This umbrella is the perfect balance between the giant cantilevers and traditional market style umbrellas. The umbrella canopy is made from beautiful Sunbrella fabric which is renown for it's fade resistance and durability. The center pole is made from sturdy aluminum which is both strong and durable and fights rusting and peeling.


  • Available in a 13' Octagon or a 10'x10' Square (13.5' diagonal)
  • Canopy is made from 9oz Sunbrella which is both strong and retains it's color for much longer than other umbrella fabrics
  • Mast is sturdy aluminum which is rust resistant and doesn't chip or peel
  • Center mast is 2" thick
  • Double Pulley system for ease of opening.
  • Pulley rope is made from parachute cord which is much stronger than traditional nylon rope
  • Retainer pin has a hook to allow for you to store the pulley rope when not in use.
  • 24 Different fabric colors available
  • This umbrella is designed for bases with a two inch stem width.
  • Freestanding only

A base must be purchased for this umbrella.

Choose from the following base options:

  • 36G - 36" Steel Plate. 150lbs.
  • 40G - 40" Steel Plate. 185lbs.
  • Bazooka mount - In ground mount installed in fresh poured concrete or soil. Removable stem allows the mount to be flush.

Available Model Numbers:

  • 880MCU - Monaco Octagon
  • 883MCU - Monaco Square


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