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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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Contemporary High Adirondack Chair

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Contemporary High Adirondack Chair- The Contemporary Adirondack is clean, modern, and makes a bold statement in any outdoor living space. So comfortable and relaxing, this Adirondack is perfect for breezy summer days!

Modern style meets superior construction with the Contemporary Collection from Wildridge. Each piece of outdoor poly furniture is designed for complete satisfaction and comfort - both for you and your guests. Constructed of durable HDPE resin and 316 marine grade fasteners. Eco-friendly. No Maintenance. Easy to clean. Made in the USA.

Make Wildridge furniture styles your own by choosing from over 29 beautiful color options that are available to mix and match. 

  • Proudly Made in USA - Wildridge Poly Furniture, crafted in Holmes County, home to the largest Amish community in the world, combining old-world artistry with modern day style and sustainability.
  • Eco-Friendly - Ever-growing landfills around the world are packed to the brim with non-biodegradable materials. Plastic bottles alone take at least 450 years to break down! When plastics are not recycled, they may pollute oceans, cities, waterways, and natural ecosystems. Plastic pollution is a serious health hazard for humans and animals, but not one without solutions. Recycling plastics is one way to address environmental degradation, and Wildridge is committed to using poly lumber made from 90% recycled plastics.
  • Innovative Technology - Poly resin has revolutionized the lumber industry. Not only is it kinder to the environment, but it produces a superior furniture product in terms of durability and longevity. Our furniture is made from WILDRIDGE HDPE, a poly lumber with a high strength-to-density ratio. This creates a product that is exceptionally strong yet surprisingly lightweight. Poly furniture also resists rot and mold, and withstands all types of weather. There's simply no better alternative for outdoor furniture that lasts.


  • W 33”
  • D 18”
  • H 44.5”

Available Model Number

  • Contemporary High Adirondack (LCC-319)
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