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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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Top Spray Hydrant

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Spray Hydrants are a fun way for your dogs to cool off after exercising. Just press the button and a continuous spray will run for up to 1 minute. The Top Spray Hydrant comes in a set of two, one with a push button and one with a spray nozzle, allowing you to stay dry while your pup has fun!


  • Life Size and cast from an authentic hydrant with a durable reinforced resin. 
  • Set of two connected by 20' supply line
  • Cheaper than having a splash pad!
  • Easily adjust timer from 10-60 seconds
  • Light mist will refresh but not soak your pooch
  • Mist sprays in a 6' fan
  • Solid brass spray mechanism uses less than two gallons of water per minute making it eco friendly!
  • Comes fully plumbed, no assembly required. Just install to your water supply and go!


  • Supplied water must be potable
  • Designed to attach to a 3/4" diameter, 60psi supply
  • 8'x8' concrete slab is highly recommend to prevent mud and drainage problem
  • We recommend a valve box (not included) to allow for maintenance shutoff either for nightly closure or seasonal drainage
  • System is not frost resistant. If your area is subject to freezing temperatures, we recommend shutting down and draining the system to prevent freeze damage

Available Model Numbers: 

  • 7280 (DOI)
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