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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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211 Series Designer Fence Screens

Leasing Options Available
Morning Glories
Boxwood & Flowers
Beach Front

Transform any bland fence into a work of art with our 211 Series Designer Fence Screens. The 211 Series Designer Fence Screens provide privacy, security and good looks as well as maximum wind passage and light transparency, making it ideal for any fence. The fence screen fabric is ultra-strong and tear resistant, ensuring it will hold up to the elements. Each fence screen custom panel is finished with welded edges and grommets on all 4 sides of the material, making it extremely easy to install and ensuring that it will last for years. Standard privacy screen designs can also be customized to meet your design and length requirements. 


  • 5 Professional designs to choose from
  • Available in 80% or 90% blockage
  • Sharp colorful graphics will last for years
  • High level of UV for outdoor protection
  • Fade & Scratch resistant inks
  • Lightweight & Durable Outdoor Mesh Fabric
  • 90% Blockage Fabrics
    1. Morning Glories
    2. Boxwood & Flowers
    3. Boxwood
  • 80% Blockage Fabrics
    1. Beach Front
    2. Evergreen

*Custom printing is on one side only. The reverse side of the screen is neutral white color.

Available Model Numbers

  • 90 Morning Glories (FS-211MORNINGGLORIES)
  • 90Boxwood & Flowers (FS-211BOXWOOD&FLOWERS)
  • 90Boxwood (FS-211BOXWOOD)
  • 80Beachfront (FS-211BEACHFRONT)
  • 80Evergreen (FS-211EVERGREEN)

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