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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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Horizon Bike Rack

Leasing Options Available

When arranged together, the Orion horseshoe shaped bike racks form a calming, harmonious atmosphere. They are a welcome sign for bicyclists and prevent people from having to chain their bikes to trees or poles. These bike racks are capable of holding two bikes with the option to mount at front and rear wheel. The lean bar keeps the bike aligned vertically by providing extra support for the front wheel. The 2" square tubing bike racks are available in a Galvanized, Powder-Coated, and Electro Polished Stainless Steel finish. Powder-Coated color options are available as shown. Available with square or round flanges. Drop In Anchors available for concrete installation.


  • Simple and Clever bike rack
  • Landscape art
  • All steel bike Rack
  • Available in square or round
  • Drop in anchors

Model #:5020S-US

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