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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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Soft Weave Hammock Pillow

Leasing Options Available

Lay your head on the supreme softness of an overstuffed hammock pillow with interwoven ribbons that create added cushioning. Tailor made for two to rest comfortably. A ribbon wrapped around a present promises something special inside- but the ribbons of cottony-soft, all-weather fabric used for hand-weaving our distinctive Soft Weave line of hammocks and hammock pillows actually promise something special outside instead: beautiful backyard reclining of advanced cushiony comfort! Soft Weave features soft, all-weather, solution dyed fabric; polyester fiberfill batting; exceptional looks and outstanding weatherability. 

Welcome to a whole other level of relaxation satisfaction! 

*All pillows, hammocks and stands are sold separately. 

Stand-Out Features

  • Overstuffed pillow
  • Weather-resistant polyester fiberfill batting
  • Synthetic fabric, but soft as cotton to the touch
  • Hook-and-Loop Straps on back

Available Model Numbers:

  • B-WEAVE-BL - Blue
  • B-WEAVE-GR - Green
  • B-WEAVE-FLAX - Flax
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