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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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Hatteras Executive White Polyester Rope Hammock

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Hatteras Executive White Polyester Rope Hammocks

The bright white color of our polyester rope is startlingly attractive against nature's lively hues and the muted earth tones common to any outside living space. Yet pretty hammock rope is actually pretty worthless in the great outdoors if it isn't also pretty darn tough, too. That's why we precision-wind all of our 3-ply synthetic rope ourselves, to a strength exceeding even the U.S. military's exacting specifications and a durability unmatched by any other hammock manufacturer — so you can count on our rope not only to be sturdy enough to hold up you and your family but also to hold up against the elements as well.


  • Warranty:1 Year
  • Hanging Distance: 13-16 ft.
  • Brand: Hatteras Hammocks
  • Bed Length: 6 ft. 10 in.
  • Color: Bright white
  • Material: Soft Spun Polyester
  • Length: 13 ft.
  • Width: 65 in.
  • Rope: 3 ply (8mm total)
  • Accommodates: 2 people
  • Hardware: (2) Zinc-plated chains and (2) Tree hooks
  • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.

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