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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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Cobblestone on the Lake
Ft Myers, FL

The Cobblestone on the Lake in Ft. Myers is managed by another of our favorite management companies Weller Management. ET&T Distributors, Inc. has worked with Chris on many projects. 

The upgrade to the pool deck is just one. The property was ready for a new look. Erin went to the property and helped design this new hot look. 

To offer a more resort feel the property decided on the 10' Monterey Giant Umbrella to offer shade over the recycled plastic Heritage Lounge Chair and Heritage deep seating side table. 

Around the narrow side of the pool deck they selected the Contemporary Collection Adirondack Chair. Across from them the Contemporary Collection High Adirondack Chair and Contemporary Collection Balcony Table.

At the right corner of the pool deck we installed the 10' square Eclipse Cantilever, 555 lbs Galvanized Steel Base for Freestanding Base, Contemporary Collection Deep Seat Love Seat, Contemporary Collection Deep Seat Side Chair and Contemporary Collection Deep Seat Side Table. 

The chaise lounges were still in good shape. So, we suggested keeping those and adding a new headrest pillow with a pop of color. The suggestion was a perfect way to stay on budget and still make it flow with the rest of the new design. 

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