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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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ARIUM North Charleston
North Charleston, SC

ARIUM North Charleston is a Carroll Management property and is based in Charleston, SC.

In the market for a bark park? ARIUM North Charleston can tell you who to call.

With over 200+ Dog Park Products to choose from, ET&T Distributors can design your dog park, work with your budget and provide product, surfacing and fencing installation.

For this project, ARIUM North Charleston  opted to repurpose their derelict tennis court; with one half to serve as a social area and the other half, a designated dog park.

The existing tennis court surface was excavated and replaced with Engineered Wood Mulch and Weed Blocking Filter Fabric, an affordable and easy to clean surface option designed with puppy paws in mind.

Dog-On-It’s Customized Dog Park Rules Sign can be assessed upon entry while untethering leashes within the installed Chain Link Holding Pen with Entry and Exit Gates. 

Outside of the holding pen, Dog-On-It’s Poodle Parking Post is certain to catch your eye and is hitched with two hooks, giving you a hands-free moment to get those training-treats ready.

Flexible Weave Posts, a Wait Table, a Dog Walk Ramp and an Adjustable Jump Bar were installed to meet the unique needs of canine coordination, cardio and control training.

To keep up with the demands of a well-fed pup, Dog-I-Pot’s Complete Pet Station  is always on stand-by ready to assist with any clean up. With a locked dispenser system, the Complete Pet Station  can hold 400 biodegradable litter bags and includes a large-lid, polypropylene-coated steel-receptacle and  customized signage. 

And for human companions we included Bark Park’s Expanded Metal Bench with Paws, a 6’ bench that offers not only comfort but a very catchy design as well.

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