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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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Murano Apartments
Delray Beach, FL

Murano Apartments in Delray Beach, FL. Is a modern and stylish property managed by ESG Kullen.

They contacted Erin and wanted their pool deck to match their property.

Erin went over all the new styles and color choices and the property selected the  Recycled Plastic Chaise lounge by Wildridge in a beautiful yellow and white color combination for under their trellis area. The lumbar/headrest pillows with Velcro straps are perfect for this chaise lounge.

In front of the trellis they now offer the outdoor dining area. This includes the 42” roiund Hartford dining table, the Kingston dining chair in river white and flagstone grey. They pull in all the colors of the headrest pillow by having the 9’ Market umbrella in Navy Blue.

To the left of the Trellis they have the 13’ oct. Eclipse Cantilever Umbrellas.

We added the throw pillows to pop more color.

The Malibu Sling Chaise Lounge with Headrest pillow with Velcro Flap is installed on either side of the cantilever umbrella with the 19” round Hartford Side Table.

In the cut out of the pool deck the Malibu Double Chaise lounge with padded sling is available to the residence to relax and not be in the middle of the kids at the pool.

Additional seating proved on the pool deck with the Heritage Adirondack Chair. The custom color choices of  yellow and white really catch your eye and invite you to come sit and relax.

By the tree at the pool additional outdoor dining was added with the 42” roiund Hartford dining table, the Kingston dining chair. 9’ Market Umbrella and 67lbs concrete umbrella base.

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