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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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Superior Manor
Miami, FL

Superior Manor of Miami, FL is a Cornerstone Group property.

With unparalleled cityscape views of downtown Miami, Superior Manor reached out to ET&T Distributors with the expectation of making the most of their rooftop seating area.  

Our most popular picnic table, Jayhawk’s Recycled Plastic Hex Tables are an ideal choice for this property and are available in an ADA option.

Capable withstanding the tropical climatic variations of Miami the plastic lumber of the Recycled Plastic Hex Table is ideal in that it will not fade, rust, rot, mildew, corrode or splinter.  An attractive piece perfect for any beachside location.

Frankford’s 7.5” Fiberglass Market Umbrellas in Logo Red add a splash of zest to the area and complement the grey and black schemes of the outdoor furniture.

Jayhawk’s 6’ Recycled Plastic Comfort Park Benches maximize the luxury of this property and can be enjoyed while watching the serene sunrise over Biscayne Bay.

Recycled Plastic Heavy-Duty Trash Receptacles by Jayhawk were provided and follow suit with the color schemes and style of the Recycled Plastic Comfort Benches and Recycled Plastic Hex Tables shown in grey.

Artificial Turf was also installed to cover the rooftop’s surface.  

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