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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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Maddie's Chase Playground

Leasing Options Available

Maddie's Chase is a great option for a community park, apartment complex or church. It features a Double Slide, allowing children to race to the bottom. It also features a challenging Overhead Climber that promotes core and upper body strength. The Beanstalk Climber and Stepping Pods offer fun entry and exit options. A Window Panel adds sensory play, in addition to three ground-level music components. When children need a break, they can grab a seat on the Bench Panel.

This structure meets ADA guidelines and is commercially compliant with ASTM & CSPC. The posts are 13-gauge galvanized steel tube and powdercoated. The plastics are heavy-duty rotomolded & blow molded components.

Maddie's Chase must be mounted inground (Inground Kit purchased separately).

Perfect for easy-install, commercially compliant and budget-conscious solutions for daycares, churches and apartment complexes! Assembly required. Truck delivery.

  • Window Panel
  • Bench Panel (Below Deck)
  • 4' Beanstalk Climber
  • Rain Wheel (Below Deck)
  • Bass Drum & Bongo Drum (Below Deck)
  • 28", 19", 10" Stepping Pods
  • 5' Double Straight Slide
  • Capacity: 25-35
  • Structure Installed Height: 10' 1"
  • Part Number: UPLAY-006
  • Age: 5-12
  • Capacity: 26-40
  • Use Zone: 32' 8" x 27' 7"/li>
  • Weight: 1448 lbs
  • Minimum Timbers: 32
  • EWF Cubic Yards: 50
  • Meets ADA: Yes
    Available Models:
  • UPLAY-006N/33-12-0094: Natural
  • UPLAY-006P/33-12-0094: Playful
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