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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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Comfort Height Newport Square Dining Table

Leasing Options Available

The Marine Grade Polymer Comfort Height Newport Square Dining Table is one of the tables available in the comfort height collection.  This table top has a slat design. This oval MGP table can be paired with any of the MGP dining collections but is best with the Cape Cod Comfort Height Sling Collection.


  • Available in 42” and 48” Square
  • Available with or without umbrella hole
  • 2” Higher than the standard dining height tables
  • Frame is made Marine Grade Polymer
  • Frame Color Choices: River White, Greco II, and Flagstone Gray
  • Designed for commercial use and with comfort in mind
  • Care and Cleaning: Windward pool furniture requires only mild soap and water cleaning as needed.
  • Collection includes: KD4230SN- 42” Square Dining Table, KD4830SN- 48” Square, KD4230N- 42” Round Dining Table, KD4830N- 48” Round Dining Table, KD5430N- 54” Round Dining Table, KD6030N- 60” Round Dining Table, WT3060-30SN- 30” x 60” Rectangle Dining Table,  KD4276-30SN- 42” x 76” Rectangle Dining Table, WT3654-30SN- 36” x 54” Rectangle Dining Table, KD4284-30SN- 42” x 84” Rectangle Dining Table, WT3060-30N- 30” x 60” Oval Dining Table, KD3654-30N- 36” x 54” Oval Dining Table, KD4284-30N- 42” x 84” Oval Dining Table, KD4284-30N- 42” x 84” Oval Dining Table
  • Made in the USA 

Available Model Numbers:
KD4230SN- 42” Square Dining Table

KD4830SN- 48” Square Dining Table

Product Images: