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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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Meet Our Staff

Erin Toung - President/CEO

Erin has been at the helm of ET&T for over 20 years. Her drive comes form her desire to "Design WOW" for her clients with the best team, designs, products and customer service in the industry.

Her enthusiasm is infectious and an inspiration to her ET&T family. She is always ready for a new challenge and encourages her staff to do the same.

If you're ready for some WOW at your property, Erin is ready to design it.

Lisa - COO

It’s fitting that Lisa wanted to be an actress growing up, because, here at ET&T, we consider her a movie star. Leadership is not something that comes naturally to most people, but Lisa IS a natural leader — a skill she's probably honed spending time in all fifty states. Lisa is a gifted writer with a great sense of humor. The staff actually enjoys her emails! Lisa's motto is "it is what you make it", and she will make your experience with ET&T a great one!

Josie - Sr. Vice President of Sales

Around here, when we say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, we mean it in all the best ways! Josie, Erin's daughter, has brought that same work ethic, exuberance, and vision to ET&T as her Mom, Erin. Her good spirit no doubt comes from following her motto — "Most people are about as happy as they make up their mind to be". She will use all of these talents to make sure you're happy with the work at your property.

Maryann - Playground Director

Maryann has been with ET&T for over fifteen years. That experience certainly shows when she's putting together playground, social area, court coversion or site amenity projects. Her knack for customer service is probably because she lives by the motto “treat others as you would want to be treated”. It is so appropriate that her favorite word is "family", because that is exactly how she views staff and clients. Her compassion is unmatched, as is her attention to detail. She would love the opportunity to make you part of the ET&T family.

Brett - Lead Installer

Erin's son, Brett, is a true ET&T superhero, bringing the breathtaking designs to life on site and on the web. While his superpower of choice, flying, may be handy for travelling all over the country to create the “WOW”, his real superpowers will be evident during your install. He makes a complicated process seem effortless. All that hard work can take its toll, however. If Brett could invent a holiday it would involve napping. He’s a “Yes” man when it comes to customer service. Without Brett, designs are just ideas. ET&T is lucky to have him.

Tara - Office & Logistics Coordinator

Tara, our Office & Project Coordinator, lives by the motto, "whatever you give comes back to you in many ways". That could explain her determination to give the best customer service she can possibly give. She might think she would like to have strength as her superpower, but those who know her, know it's a superpower she already has! This strong lady also has a soft side. She cherishes the time she spends with her family and her favorite phrase is "love you". We love having her as part of our ET&T family!

Debbie - Web | Graphics

We are so glad our beyond talented, creative graphic & web designer has not won the lottery yet or we would lose her to the five-star restaurant she would no doubt open. She believes in always striving to be better than you were yesterday. We agree with Debbie that creating a holiday involving sea turtles is a great idea! Debbie won’t be sweating the small stuff and to that we say fabulous! Her word of choice!

John-Mark - Web | Graphics

Born in Gotham City, Maryland, Batman – I mean, John-Mark quickly made his way to Florida, where he begrudgingly hung up his mask and cape. He has a contagious laugh, wears the best socks and is one impressive member of our design team. His schooling in Mass Communication and Philosophy will someday convert to his ultimate dream, to be the President of Adidas and change into a Cheetah at any given moment a reality?

Cat - Accounting & Purchasing

Sitting on the beach reading a good book is almost as relaxing as being here at ET&T if you ask Cat, a member of our Accounting Department. It’s not surprising that with Cat’s intellect and attention to detail, she has long wanted to be a writer. She always has the best advice, such as taking the high road. She would love to create a holiday involving wine. Cat is one of a kind and you can only find her here at ET&T.

Julie - Project Manager

Jenni - Project Manager

Cathy - Senior Sales Associate

"Quirky" is a word that describes Rotini pasta, however, it also describes a side of Cathy we here at ET&T love. As such a positive light to the company, she lives by the mentality of “As you think, so shall you be.” This dog lover suggests that to be a member of our superstar team, you must be smart, flexible and ready to learn. We are beyond relieved that she decided to stick with us here at ET&T instead of being a princess!

Kristen - Sales Associate

Kristen may not be the paleontologist she wanted to be as a child, but her love of reptiles remains. Ozzy, her pet bearded dragon is her little dinosaur girl. If she won the lottery, you would probably find her sailing to Corinth, Greece with Ozzy on her lap. She’s working on attaining her superpower of super strength by practicing Muay Thai kickboxing and swimming. This coffee loving lady’s favorite word may be “mismo” (meaning “same” in Spanish), but that’s not how she approaches her clients or their properties!

Javi - New Business Development Associate

Brandon - Web | Graphics

We are so glad that Brandon decided to become a graphic designer and bring his talents to ET&T. It’s fitting that his younger self wanted to be a rocket engineer because his designs are out of this world! He may want the power of telekinesis, but we believe that he has already attained that power by the way he manipulates 3d objects in the virtual world. His kind heart and joyful spirit are a great addition to our team. We think he is as adorable as his favorite animal, the red panda!

Barbara - Finance Manager

Serendipity may be Barbara’s favorite word, but it was ET&T that experienced it when she decided to come work with us. We all know she is a team player with a strong determination to help this company grow and prosper, but we can’t help but adore her mischievous side – no wonder a favorite saying of hers is “Smile, it makes people wonder what you are up to”. We all find her smile & sense of humor a calming force when things get hectic around here. May she one day visit Norway and see the Northern Lights. Until then, she’ll have to be satisfied being the bouncing bright light in our Finance Department!

Olena - Comptroller