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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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Timothy Playground

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Product Description

Compact yet action-packed, The Timothy is another offering from the Castle Series of play structures. One thing kids will immediately notice about this structure is its size. It’s large enough to play on, yet won’t take up a great amount of space on the playground, making it perfect for kids ages 2-12. Starting on the ground, the Single Drum is one of the first play elements of Timothy that children will notice. With it, your playground-goers will be able to create a percussive rhapsody for the entire playground to hear, and, in doing so, small children in particular can exercise their hand-eye coordination skills. Moving on up the structure using either the steel stairs or the Castle Rock Wall Climber, kids will find great enjoyment in playing with the Gear Panel. With every rotation, small children especially will be utterly stupefied, and will surely come back to play with it again. Once finished, kids can descend to the ground using the Wave Slide.

Product Specifications

  • Age Range: 2-12 years
  • Child Capacity: 13-18
  • Fall Height: 36"
  • Post Diameter: 3.5-inch
  • Product Type: Castle
  • Safety Zone: 16’ 0” x 25’ 6
  • 3 Elevated Components
  • 1 Ground Level Components
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