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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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1 Abby Playground

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The Abby Playground is a compact activity center which will fill your play area with bright colors and the sound of music. There is a semi-enclosed area of four panels covered by a Leaf Roof, which acts as a nice sheltered area for kids to hang out as they play. The Gear Panel under this roof can be enjoyed from inside or outside of the shelter. This area has an easily accessible entrance between the Store Panel and Gear Panel, but also has an additional secret entrance and exit through the Curved Crawl Tube. The curved shape of the tube means that children will discover mysteries as they emerge from the other side of the tube. The Drum Panel and Bongos let children work together to create new and unique rhythms that will be enjoyed by kids all over the playground.

Product Specifications

Age Range: 6-23 Months

Child Capacity: 11-13

Fall Height: 12”

Post Diameter: 3.5”

Product TypeL Spark

Safety Zone: 16’9” x 17’3”

Featured Play Items:

*Bench Panel * Store Panel * Drum Panel * Curved Crawl Tube * Bongos * Leaf Roof * Gear Panel * Ship’s Wheel*


Available Model Number:

Abby Playground: PKP111

Product Images: