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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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0 Maryann Playground

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The Maryann Playground is ideal for explorers of all ages. This structure offers a 3’ challenging Ring Climber and a Side Winding Curved Slide as well as a 4’ Single Wavy slide for more excitement.

The interactive Bubble Panel offers social interaction and creative play with a fun caterpillar design. The Ground Level Ant Maze and Half Gear Panels offers endless hours of play time with friends to see who can get the Ant through the Maze first or Spin the Most Gears! This structure meets ADA Guidelines and is commercially compliant with ASTM & CPSC guidelines.

The Posts are 13 gauge galvanized Allied Steel with Gatorshield™ for superior strength properties and corrosion protection. Powder coating is added on top for color and added protection.

This structure is very safe. We use a two-piece clamp system that provides flexibility in installation. Installation is made simple with the recessed hex that holds the nut in place.

This clamp system has also been designed to prevent movement once installed.

The Panels are 100% Polyethylene ¾” thick plastic sheets. They provide strength and durability and are resistant to delaminating, corrosion resistance, and UV stability. This will help keep your playground looking new longer!

The critical fall height is 4’ so this structure is ideal if you’re looking for a commercial compliance and budget-conscious for early preschools, churches, HOAs, and Apartments.


  • ADA Transfer Deck
  • Upgraded Curved Slide
  • 3’ Ring Climber
  • HDPE Interactive Bubble Panel
  • HDPE Interactive Gear Panel
  • Ground Level Educational Maze Panel
  • Ground Level Half Gear Panel
  • Roto Molded Roof for shade


Available Model ID:

Maryann Playground: STR-352279


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