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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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Windward Adirondack Recycled Chair

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Flagstone Grey
Color Options:
Flagstone Grey

The Adirondack Chair by Windward Design Group is designed to provide comfort and is extremely durable.  This chair is perfect at the beach or around a fire pit.


  • Dimensions: W:32" D:32" H:39" SH:16.5” AH: 25”
  • Non-Stacking
  • Frame Color Choices: River White, Greco, Flagstone Gray, Stetson, Azue, Maple
  • Frame Two Tone Color Choices: Azue on River White, Greco on River white, Flagstone Gray on River White, Stetson on River White, Maple on River White, Stetson on Greco, Maple on Greco, River White on Greco
  • Durable MGP construction heavy duty marine grade polymer
  • Will not rot, swell, blister or delaminate and will hold up in salt water and chlorinated environments without fading or breaking down
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Collection Includes: W4444 Adirondack, W4444XT Adirondack Comfort Height, W4415 Adirondack Ottoman, W2CP5 Adirondack Headrest Pillow with Velcro Strap and WCU4444 Adirondack Seat Pad

Available Model Numbers:

W4444RIWH- Adirondack River White
W4444GRC2- Adirondack Greco 2
W4444FLGY- Adirondack Flagstone Gray
W4444STET- Adirondack Stetson
W4444MPL- Adirondack Maple
W444AZUR- Adirondack Azue
W444RIAZ- Adirondack Azue on River White
W444RIGR- Adirondack Greco II on River White
W444RIFL- Adirondack Flagstone on River White
W444RIST- Adirondack Stetson on River White
W444RIMP- Adirondack Maple on River White
W444GRST- Adirondack Stetson on Greco II
W444GRMP- Adirondack Maple on Greco II
W444GRRI- Adirondack River White on Greco II


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