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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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Six Post Dual Roof Shade

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Six PostDual Roof Shade

Just when you thought we couldn't do itand you couldn't afford it. We cover large areas like a Basketball court or itsequivalent. 60'x100'x17' high shade structures or what ever size your area is.Because these shade are custom it allows you to use this area for a variety ofpurposes.

These structures are  remarkableand offer the most efficient, economical shade for your picnic areas, waterparks, pool deck, playgrounds, bleachers, dug outs and concession areas.

Benefits of Rectangle or Square Shade Products:

1.  Our fabrics provide up to 99%UV screening protection, which protects children from sunburns.

2.  Protect your play equipmentinvestment

3.  Your play structures will becooler to the touch

4.  Our fabrics provide 80% water repellent

5.  Around sports fields, ourcanopies give protection from mis-directed, high flying balls

6.  Our superior fastening devicesenable you to remove and re-install canopies very quickly in case of unusuallysevere weather

7.  Both our high-gloss powdercoated steel frames and outstanding UV block fabrics come in a wide variety ofpleasing colors, which you can mix and match as you choose

Call ET & T Distributors today andspeak with one of our ambitious staff members for an estimate on your customshade structure!

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