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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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SportsPlay Tether Ball

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SportsPlay Tether Ball

Tetherball is a quick, classic, and fun game that anyone can immediately learn and enjoy. It is an ideal game for playgrounds or public areas because it takes up only a limited circle of space and has no parts which can get lost. It also promotes the formation of friendships, since it is a two-player game that anyone can join in on. With this set, you can easily and inexpensively bring this longtime favorite to your location. This set comes with a 12' long galvanized steel pipe with an outer diameter of 2-3/8", which is mounted two feet into the ground for an incredibly sturdy 10' tall game post that won't swivel around as the ball swings. The top of the post has a cap to prevent things from falling into it, and an eye bolt with a swivel snap for connecting the tether. The post can be ordered as a single 12' pipe or, to reduce the cost of shipping, it can be ordered in two shorter pieces which connect to reach the full length. This set can also be ordered with or without the 5-ply heavy duty tether ball and plated chain included.

Available Model Numbers:

  • 572-100-Tether Ball with White Nylon Cord
  • 571-110-Tether Ball Post
  • 571-1102- 2 Piece Tether Ball Post (Ships UPS)
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