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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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Meet Our Staff

Erin Toung

The owner of this well-oiled machine that we call ET&T, Erin is inspired daily by her clients and their excitement when allowing her to design their vision. Even though her staff thinks Erin already has superpowers, if you ask her, hers would be the ability to fly! We think that’s because it’s slightly faster than planes, cars and boats so she could get even more work done in one day!! Without Erin Toung, ET&T Distributors would not exist. She has touched the hearts of many in living her passion daily of designing and creating visions unmatched by other companies. Her enthusiasm and zest for life make her, and this company, a joy to work with.


We are so glad our beyond talented, creative graphic designer has not won the lottery yet or we would lose her to the five-star restaurant she would no doubt open. She believes in always striving to be better than you were yesterday. We agree with Debbie that creating a holiday involving Martinis is a great idea! Debbie won’t be sweating the small stuff and to that we say badabing! Her word of choice!


"Quirky" is a word that describes Rotini pasta, however, it also describes a side of Cathy we here at ET&T love. As such a positive light to the company, she lives by the mentality of “As you think, so shall you be.” This dog lover suggests that to be a member of our superstar team, you must be smart, flexible and ready to learn. We are beyond relieved that she decided to stick with us here at ET&T instead of being a princess!


No wonder Tara’s favorite word is “Always.” That clearly correlates to her ability to deliver the best customer service here at ET&T. While her 5-year-old self may have been wrong about becoming a lawyer, she is certain that if she had a super power it would be the ability to time-travel. With wisdom beyond her years while in high school, today she wishes she had learned that things are constantly evolving and changing. As a fellow dog lover she fits in perfectly with our family here at ET&T.


Could we all have our finance manger’s super power of regenerating money? However, she doesn’t even need super powers after you hear her singing voice. Since childhood, she has always had a clear vision of her life as a singer. She proves to the staff daily what you think you become. As more than a team player here at ET&T, she suggests that anyone joining our team of superstars also must be a team player. With her spunk and determination to make this company great, ET&T just wouldn’t be the same without her.


Maryann is the voice of reason here at ET&T probably because she lives by the motto “treat others as you would want to be treated”. She is the heart of this company with her favorite word being "family" which is how the staff views her. Her compassion is unmatched, and we hope that if anyone could win the lottery it would be Maryann, so that she would have the time to volunteer at the humane society, or she could just develop that super sonic speed she’s been wanting. If you know ET&T you most likely know Maryann and that’s just the way we like it.


Lisa may have been a pioneer in a past life, however, now we call her our movie star, which is ironic because that was her chosen career path as a child. Leadership is not something that comes naturally to most people, but she’s had the leadership quality since high school. Always bending over backwards for her clients, it’s no surprise if she was a pasta it would be an elbow. Her intellect and witty sense of humor bring a light to the office and many customers’ faces.


Born in Gotham City, Maryland, Batman – I mean, John-Mark quickly made his way to Florida, where he begrudgingly hung up his mask and cape. He has a contagious laugh, wears the best socks and is one impressive member of our design team. His schooling in Mass Communication and Philosophy will someday convert to his ultimate dream, to be the President of Adidas and change into a Cheetah at any given moment a reality?


Brett is ET&T’s superhero installer bringing the breathtaking designs to life. While flying may be handy for travelling all over the country to create the “WOW,” he might have to wait for that superhero power to come to life. We hear napping is a hobby, however, Brett would like to make it a Holiday. He’s a “Yes” man when it comes to customer service. Without Brett, designs are just ideas. ET&T is lucky to have him as the brawn beside the brain.


Sitting on the beach reading a good book is almost as relaxing as being here at ET&T if you ask Cat. It’s not surprising that with Cat’s intellect, she has long wanted to be a writer. She always has the best advice, such as taking the high road. She would love to create a holiday involving wine. Cat is one of a kind and you can only find her here at ET&T.


Until 2 brief years ago Derek, spent 20+ years as a resident of the great state of Alaska! We are glad that he has chosen to join us in the Sunshine state and share his unique perspective on our web design, dog park and playground layouts...instead of being a teacher in Transylvania or a Blue skinned Loki. However, when he wins the lottery he plans to press the easy button and be King for a day!


Woody as we affectionately call her, an appropriate name for our favorite 4 wheeling mud slinging, rock crawling logistics and customer service gem. Her childhood dream was to become a Veterinarian we are thrilled that she came to us, deciding that customer service is more up her alley. Keeping the spice in her life she is ready and willing to jump out of a plane at a moment’s notice.


Our fun-loving blonde bombshell spent 7 years on the Body Building/ Bikini competition circuit. She has decided to join our ET&T family (because…. wellll she is already a part of the Toung family) as our Social Media expert. If she could choose to be anything in the world – right off the top of her head she said that she would be TJ Maxx because everyone loves TJ Maxx and there are always plenty of candles. Josie has never met a Panda she doesn’t like and would love to have one as her pet soon.