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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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FitTech Captains Chair Fitness Station

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The Captain's Chair Fitness Station is a challenging ab workout that forgoes traditional sit-ups and crunches for an alternative core workout. Users hold onto the hand grips and rest their forearms on the arm pads and back against the backrest. Slowly raising and lifting and then lowering lowering the legs engages the core and builds muscle strength. Padding is weather resistant, making the Captain's Chair an ideal solution for outdoor fitness parks where users may prefer to engage in upright core exercises rather than lying in the grass for traditional crunches or other core exercises.


  • Bring knees to waist level or higher and hold for a 5 count
  • Lower assist platform can also be used for sit-ups
  • Slip-resistant handles provide enhanced grip
  • 3 Ergonomically designed back pads for optimal comfort and support
  • Steel construction with rust resistant coating
  • Modern design enhances the landscape
  • Familiar metallic and black color scheme that is similar to indoor fitness equipment

Available Model Number:
UP1167SM- Captain' s Chair Fitness Station Surface Mount
UP1167J - Captain's Chair Fitness Station Footing Mount
UP1167S- Captain's Chair Fitness Station Inground Mount

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