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Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
Erin with her dogs
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Crystal Pointe HOA
Palm Beach, FL

Crystal Pointe is an HOA based out of Palm Beach, FL.

The tranquil beachside hamlet of Crystal Pointe is a community that features resort-style golf courses, an entertaining clubhouse, a community pool, and civic center.

In need of amenities that would appeal to its youngest residents, Crystal Pointe reached out to ET&T Distributors to design a playground that would best suit their community’s unique style.

The Grand Cove Playground is a perfect fit for this community. Featuring a transfer station, ship wheel, slides, climbers and various play panels, the Grand Cove Playground has more than enough play features to accommodate Crystal Pointe’s most valued patrons.   

The playground also features a 2-Bay Arch Post Swing with Bucket Seats for younger swing enthusiasts and Belt Seats for older children.

Poly Pony, Duo Teeter, and Bumbling Betsy Spring Riders complement the color schemes of the Grand Cove Playground and are an exciting accessory for any young riders.

Borders, Weed Blocking Fabric and Engineered Playground Wood Mulch were installed to offer an attractive and affordable safety surface option and an ADA Half Ramp was also included for accessibility.

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